Notes from the Typewriter

Photograph by  Stephen Callender.  

Photograph by Stephen Callender. 

At The Austin Review launch party last Saturday, we set up a typewriter and encouraged guests to write whatever they liked with the knowledge that their words might end up on social media. As promised, here are our favorites from the evening:

"As I wailed past the rows of cubicles at the Livestrong Foundation and into the courtyard, I saw how attractively dressed were the ladies in attendance and regretted not wearing nicer pants."

"So this is what vintage feels like."

"Would you lie to save lives?"

"She smiled."

"Be aware of a book based on Austin women with straight bangs."

"But I love her."



Young broke writer


to crash launch


Drinks free beer

eats hors d'oeuvres

Waits in lines"