Announcing our Pushcart Prize Nominees

In our first year in print, we have been honored to publish more writers who are worthy of recognition than we can nominate for this prize. Thank you to all of our authors.

For the 2015 Pushcart Prize, we are proud to nominate the following contributors who appear in our first two issues. 

1. "Hey Kid" by Derrick Brown (Issue 1)
2. "Missouri Theme Park, 1986" by T Kira Madden (Issue 1) 
3. "A Trick of the Senses" by David Olimpio (Issue 1)
4. "Drifting" by AJ Olsen (Issue 2) 
5. "Be Yourselves" by Vincent Scarpa (Issue 2)
6. "Brief History of a Deleted Character" by Ursula Villarreal-Moura (Issue 2)

You can enjoy these and other amazing stories by placing an order here.

Thank you for your support and best of luck to our nominees!