Our Pushcart Prize Nominees

Each year The Pushcart Prize solicits up to six nominations from literary journals around the country, and in fall 2016, winning authors/stories will be published in the organization's book entitled, "Best of the Small Presses." This year (again) we wish we could nominate more than six authors; in 2015, in our third and fourth print issues, we've worked with so many accomplished writers deserving of this prize. Thank you to all our contributors!

For consideration in the 2016 edition of Best of the Small Presses, we have proudly nominated: 

1. "Salt" by Christine Fischer Guy (Issue 3)
2. "Alex Gehry Changed His Status to Single" by Jason Hill (Issue 3) 
3. "for all the dumb pepul like me" by Ray Shea (Issue 3)
4. "A Canal, Panama" by Catherine Carberry (Issue 4) 
5. "Sadie Hawkins Day" by Courtney Preiss (Issue 4)
6. "The Prison Must Know Its Own" by Jess Stoner (Issue 4)

You can enjoy these and the other amazing stories within Issues 3 and 4 by placing an order here. Please congratulate our Pushcart nominees and join us in wishing them luck!