A Year of Reading the World

An Interview with Blogger and Writer Ann Morgan

An Interview with Blogger and Writer Ann Morgan

The Austin Review stumbled by chance onto British writer Ann Morgan’s internationally celebrated blog, A Year of Reading the World, in which she documents her experience reading one book from every United Nations-recognized country within a year. Her blog rose to such success that she is currently at work on a book based on her experience, expected to be out in 2015 and published by Harvill Secker. Ann holds an M.F.A. from the University of East Anglia and is also at work on a novel. Blown away by her story, we reached out to her for an interview, to which she kindly agreed.

The Interview

The Austin Review: When did you first begin to blog?

Ann Morgan: I started in 2011 with a blog called A Year of Reading Women where I was reading only women writers for a year.

TAR: How did this lead to your blog, A Year of Reading the World?

AM: It was a chance comment from a blogger in the U.S. that made me think about what world literature I read. I always thought of myself as a very cultured person, but when I looked at my bookshelves I realized that there seemed to just be American and British writers on there. I decided that I would spend a year exploring world literature by trying to read a book from every country in the world.