AWP 2014

An Interview with the Publisher of sunnyoutside, David McNamara

In preparation for our upcoming table-sharing at the AWP conference in Seattle, we asked editor David McNamara of sunnyoutside, a small press located in Buffalo, New York, a few probing questions. We figured if we’re about to be in the trenches together, we ought to get to know one another. We are honored that their books will be displayed next to The Austin Review at the conference, and you can find them at table Q9.   

The Interview

The Austin Review: What was your experience with writing before starting the press, and what made you want to go into publishing?

David McNamara: My younger self fancied himself a writer and I studied writing at university and the Poets’ House in Ireland. I got published a little bit here and there, and even did some spoken word stuff, including performing live on an NPR affiliate and at Lollapalooza one year.