Journal Contributor

Q & A with Our Journal Contributor Lisa Wells

1. If you were reviewing your own work, how would you describe its style or point of view?

Spunky. Logic-challenged. Lyrical.

2. Who are some of your favorite contemporary authors?

In nonfiction I’ve been loving Notes from No Man’s Land by Eula Biss, and Mary Ruefle’s collected lectures, Madness Rack & Honey. I am very much looking forward to Demon Camp by Jen Percy.

3. If you were told you couldn't write anymore, what job would you pursue and why?

Writing can be a job? You mean, for money?

4. When you think of Austin, what comes to mind?

I followed a lover to Austin once. Three days after I arrived we had a drunken bike wreck. His ankle busted and my elbow. Both of my front teeth shattered on the concrete. The emergency dentist gave me temporary build-ups that were supposed to last six months. The affair was quit in a few days, but the build-ups lasted six years. Go figure.

5. Answer the question you wish we had asked.

Q.  Which way does your beard point tonight?