Malvern Books

Welcome, Malvern Books!


The Austin Review wants to welcome the city's newest independent bookstore, Malvern Books. Located a block west on 29th Street off of Guadalupe Street, it is easy to stop in and peruse their inventory. The staff are still unpacking boxes, but plenty of books are already up and available. They'll gladly stop what they are doing to chat with you about books. The place has the atmosphere of a coffee shop--iPod-playing music, warm wood accents on the wall, but minus the coffee--and will offer plenty of literary events in the future. If you want to be the first to read the next great up-and-coming authors, this is the place to shop. All of their books come from small, independent presses and their focus is on emerging voices. Their grand opening is November 22nd with a poetry reading at 8:00 pm.