Introducing the Digital Version of Issue 1

We love the print version of Issue 1. It was made here in Austin by The Whitley Group in a small (5x7) format on high-quality paper, with careful attention to layout and design. It's easy to throw in a backpack or purse and is sure to attract the attention of people who see you reading it. 

We also know that some of you like the convenience of e-readers, and we don't want to lose your support. So, we have formatted Issue 1 digitally for the Kindle and now offer it for sale through Amazon.com for $6.99 via the link below.

You be the judge whether pixels can beat paper: either way, thank you for reading! 

The Austin Review Issue 1
By Sheila Heti, David Olimpio, Lisa Wells, Caitlyn Paley, Patrick Madden, John Jodzio, T Kira Madden, Derrick Brown, Boomer Pinches