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Malvern Presents: Tyler Gobble's Poetry Collection

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From Malvern's website:

Tyler Gobble Launches MORE WRECK MORE WRECK


November 1, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm




Malvern’s own Tyler Gobble is launching his first poetry collection, MORE WRECK MORE WRECK (winner of the 2013 Cargill First Book Poetry Prize), at Malvern Books, and we couldn’t be more delighted/honored/STOKED. Join us for a celebratory night of readings from Tyler, Layne Ransom, and Jason Tobin, and for music by Lost John.

“These poems aren’t just one thing, or another, they are instead stuffed with so much energy that they are spilling all over the pages. Like industrious, tiny humans, they seep everywhere, sprawling across memories and dreams, carrying with them scars and shreds of real hope. Even better, More Wreck More Wreck is bubbling with the absolutely kick ass beauty of a great imagination let loose.” —Peter Davis

“These poems ask for permission and possibility, hopefulness’s redecoration in a purely American landscape of . . . rollercoasters, pizza parties, front porches, politics, pet dogs, and tank tops. These poems live in ‘the carnival of what is,’ and they shout from the rooftops: live! live!” —Alexis Orgera