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Malvern Presents: Texas Poetry Calendar Reading

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From Malvern's website:

Texas Poetry Calendar Reading


December 6, 2014 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm




For seventeen years, the Austin reading for the Texas Poetry Calendar has been the culmination of the fall calendar readings for Dos Gatos Press. This year’s calendar reading is no exception, with close to thirty poets sharing Texas-related work, including their poems from the 2015 Texas Poetry Calendar. Over the years, the Austin reading has grown from local poets to poets from around the state. This year expect to hear poets from the other urban areas—Houston (Darla McBryde, Jerry Hamby, Stan Crawford, Kelly Ellis, Vanessa Zimmer-Powell, Kristina McDonald); DFW (Travis Blair, Aliene Pylant); San Antonio (Toni Falls, Janice Campbell)—and from East (Anne McCrady); West (Loretta Diane Walker); and South Texas (Cathy Downs); as well as a bevy of outstanding poets from Austin and Central Texas. This is the perfect way to experience poetry live, hosted by Texas Poetry Calendar editors Scott Wiggerman and David Meischen, who are especially excited to have moved the Austin reading to Malvern Books.

List of readers:

Janice Campbell, Gloria Amescua, Darla McBryde, Jerry Hamby, Christa Pandey, Laura Cottam Sajbel, Claire Camargo, Joe Blanda, Toni Falls, Mary Lynn Stafford, Kristina McDonald, Katherine Oldmixon, Anne McCrady, Bruce McCandless, Cathy Downs, Loretta Diane Walker, Amy Greenspan, Travis Blair, Brady Peterson, Jan Spence, Margie Roe, Shubh Schiesser, Kelly Ellis, Allyson Whipple, Vanessa Zimmer-Powell, Sarah Webb, Cindy Huyser, Stan Crawford, Aliene Pylant, Nikki Loftin.