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BookPeople Presents Writer, Director, & Chronicler of the Pixies JOSH FRANK Speaking & Signing The Good Inn

Join us tonight when writer, director and Pixies chronicler Josh Frank is here talk about the new novel he wrote with Pixies front man, Black Francis, The Good Inn. 

Frank is preparing an exciting event that will include a short “table reading” with actors reading the “character's” lines and a multi-media display of many of the book's drawings.  This event will include an authorized exclusive listening party of a few unreleased Black Francis demo songswritten as a song cycle soundtrack by Francis and other members of the Pixies, that served as an inspiration for the book. These songs will NOT be available to hear at any other time other than at these exclusive reading and listening events. 

Pixies fans, don't miss it! 

From legendary Pixies front man, Black Francis, in collaboration with writer Josh Frank and renowned illustrator Steven Appleby, comes The Good Inn, a bold and visually arresting novel about art, conflict, and the origins of a certain type of cinema.

About The Good Inn:In 1907, the French battleship Iena was destroyed when a nitrocellulose-based weapon propellant it was carrying became unstable with age and self-ignited, killing 120 people. A year later, La Bonne Auberge became the earliest-known pornographic film, depicting an intimate encounter between a French soldier and an innkeeper's daughter. Like all films at the time, and for decades afterward, it was made with a highly combustible nitrocellulose-based film stock.

Loosely based on historical events, The Good Inn follows the lone survivor of the Iena explosion as he makes his way through the French countryside. He falls into a strange love affair with an innkeeper's daughter and, even more deeply, into a volatile counteruniverse where war and art exist side by side.

JOSH FRANK is a writer, producer, director and composer. He has penned numerous plays, including an authorized adaptation of Werner Hergoz’s Stroszek, screenplays, including an adaptation of Mark Vonnegut's The Eden Express, and musicals, including The Jonathan Richman Musical.  He is the author of  Fool The World, the Oral History of the Band Called Pixies (St. Martins Press USA/Virgin Books U.K.) and In Heaven Everything Is Fine - - The Unsolved Life of Peter Ivers (Simon and Schuster/Free Press).  His third book, "The Good Inn," written in conjunction with Black Francis, the lead of the Pixies, will be released by Harper Collins in April, 2014.  Over the last decade, Frank has worked with some of the most interesting and innovative musicians, filmmakers, producers and artists in the industry, including Black Francis, David Lynch and Harold Ramis.  He has interviewed over 400 of America’s most notable names in entertainment for his books and screenplays.  In his spare time, he built, owns, and operates the Blue Starlite Mini-Urban Drive-In Movie Theatre, the first Mini Urban Drive-in movie theater, presently operating in Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida.