Book Talk with Janis Power, Author of Mama's Got a Brand New Job

  • Austin, Texas

Meet Maxine Pedersen, the new heroine of contemporary women’s fiction, in Janis Powers recent novel, Mama's Got a Brand New Job. 

Patent attorney by day, cocktail enthusiast by night, Maxine’s key function at work is to fix her boss’s bumbling social gaffes with her wit and charm. Her expertise helps win an account with a French perfume company. Her pregnancy almost ruins her career.

Read how Maxine takes on New York’s corporate culture in this story of personal transformation and triumph – and have some fun along the way!

Janis Powers has had a lot of jobs. Yale graduate, architecture major, M.B.A., management consultant, stay-at-home mom, amateur chef, inveterate traveler, Janis is now channeling her energy into writing. She blogs regularly on political and social issues for The Huffington Post.