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Room to Write: Creating Room for Writing in your Space, Time, and Mind with Sonya Fehér of Spacewise

Cost: $100 per student 

Faculty: Sonya Fehér

Location: The Writing Barn

You would write if you only had more time, or a writing space, or if you could decide which project to bring to fruition. Maybe you do write, but it’s in a coffee shop where you can’t access your books, your files, and there’s definitely not a wall where you can hang your storyboard, acceptance letters, or inspiring artwork. Or you have written, but are so disorganized you can’t keep track of your submissions—if you’re managing to submit your work at all.

In this workshop, through a combination of lecture, discussion, handouts, images of writers’ rooms, and focused writing sessions, we’ll clarify what you need to make room to write. We will consider obstacles that stand in the way of your writing, discuss organizing and time management principles so you can make room to write in your physical space and in your schedule, and explore what your writing space needs and what it doesn’t so that you can be inspired, productive, and organized.

 Sonya Fehér is a writer and professional organizer who helps creatives, home-based businesses, individuals, and families create space for how they want to live. She earned her MFA in Poetry from Texas State University and has published poems and essays in Contemporary American Women: Our Defining Passages, Literary Mama, and more. She would rather buy office supplies than shoes.