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BookPeople Presents Debut Author Maxwell Neely-Cohen Speaking & Signing Echo of the Boom

About Echo of the Boom: A dextrous novel centered around the current generation of American teenagers coming of age in a networked world highly conscious of violence and the apocalyptic, "Echo of the Boom" is literary fiction about the "Call of Duty" and "The Hunger Games" generation. While the narrative spans the globe and jumps in time, much of the action orbits a near-past and present Washington, D.C., as each of the four main characters wrestle with their notions of fear, power, mysticism, and the future. An unusual book, equal parts "Gossip Girl" and "Gravity's Rainbow."

About the author: Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Maxwell Neely-Cohen has been a skateboarder, DJ, military theorist, college tennis player, young adult novel editor, and independent video game producer. He lives in New York City.