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Raw Paw presents: Rough House 3 Book Release

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Event location: Farewell Books

From the event page on Facebook:

Join Rough House and Raw Paw on October 2nd to celebrate the release of the long awaited third installment of the Rough House anthology series. There will be free beer and live screen-printed t-shirts for cheap (or free if you supply your own shirt). 

Our biggest book yet, Rough House 3 features over 180 pages of top-notch comics by an assortment of artists from around the globe. Adorned with an elegant silk-screened cover printed by CogDut and designed by Rand Renfrow, it's riso-printed interior pages blend solid storytelling and formal experimentation into a potent cocktail. Copies will be available for $20 at the event. 

What people have said about our books:

"The collection's personal, pretty, raw, pensive, ugly, fierce, and absurd -- just the way we like 'em."
- The Austin Chronicle

"This is a classic, DIY comics anthology - with screen-printed covers and a variety of colorful approaches to interior art - and stories ranging from one page to several. It's the sort of anthology you keep on an end table and pick at and pick at until you realize you've reread the whole thing a half-dozen times and know you could reread it a half-dozen more."
-Benn Ray, Atomic Books


Featured Artists:

Sarah Welch
Doug Pollard
Noah Van Sciver
Damir Steinfl
Lea Heinrich
Jonny Negron
Andrew Cooke
Keren Katz
Talya Modlin
Alex Webb
Tom Van Deusen
Kayla E
Gillian Rhodes
Connor Shea
Brendan Kiefer
Danielle Chenette
Shawn Eisenach
Chema Peral
Tyler Suder
Rand Renfrow