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One Page Salon presents: Natalie Grigson, Mike Yang, Bernadette Noll, Ross Smith & Matt the Electrician

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Event location: The North Door
502 Brushy St, Austin, Texas 78702

From the event page on Facebook:

We're moving to the The North Door! After two wonderful years at the Whip In, the time has come to move and we're thrilled as peaches to be heading to the spacious North Door, with excellent bar, glorious atmosphere, and walls that smell of literary adventure!

So spread the word and join me, neo-fantasy-twist-artist Natalie Grigson, parkour-prose master Mike Yang, essayist and slow-life lover-learner Bernadette Noll, OPS lottery winner Ross Smith and the ever-outstanding folk/rock/all songster Matt The Electrician and MORE at the fabulous NORTH DOOR. 

One Page Salon is a monthly gathering of writers and creators sharing ONE PAGE of a work-in-progress. The rest of the time will be a chance to chat, sip, and grope one another. Quick readings, slow drinking - a hell of a good night.