Everything is Bigger: March -- Wendy Lee Spacek, Jon-Michael Frank, Kirby Johnson, Brandon Luedtke

For details, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/677110715744145.

From the event page on Facebook:

Everything is Bigger tries to warm us up to start out March. Stoked to host Wendy Lee Spacek (YAY Indiana), Kirby Johnson (Welcome to Austin!), Jon-Michael Frank (the one / the only), and Brandon Luedtke (finally / some tunes) at Nasty's Bar.

$2 Wells / $2 Domestics
One Man's Junk Raffle
Books/Records for sale!

Wendy Lee Spacek is a rad poet from Indiana, where she hosts the Soft River Reading Series. 

Kirby Johnson is founding editor of NANO Fiction, recently moved to Austin, and writes awesome stuff like this: http://www.theyokejournal.com/index.php/issues/five/johnson

Jon-Michael Frank hosts the Fun Party reading series and does awesome comics/poetry like this: http://jonmichaelfrank.tumblr.com/

Brandon Luedtke is a stellar songwriter here in Austin. Here's proof:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_whtKEJ2MzU