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One Page Salon

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From the event's Facebook page:

This is going to be an outstanding One Page Salon! Playwright world-bender Sarah Saltwick, mind melting humor surgeon Curtis Luciani, writer, historian, badass Jesse Sublett, essayist, love wrestler and fire-eyed wonder Michelle Suzanne Mirsky, artist, writer, espresso and steam wizard Jonathan Chambers, writing guru and short story falcon hunter Steve Adams and more!

Each will share one page of a work in progress on the stage at the hot tub of style and passion we call the Whip In

One Page Salon is a monthly gathering of writers and creators sharing ONE PAGE of a work-in-progress. The rest of the time will be a chance to chat, sip, and grope one another in the fabulous Whip In. Quick readings, slow drinking - a hell of a good night.