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Raw Paw presents: Meat for Wild Men @ Not Gallery

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From the event's Facebook page:

An art show and zine release

With teeming tropical jungles, old world ruins, exotic Asiatic animals, and green-eyed natives lurking through the blood on the leaves in a state of constant supervision, Manik delves into his own primitive superstitions regarding surveillance in the modern world all through the lens of post–colonial imagery, historical Indian iconography, and the architecture of ancient civilizations. With wild colors and contemporary pop and minimalist sensibilities, Manik brings to light the new gravities, new paranoia, and the golden dreams of his day and age. 

Manik Raj Nakra is an artist living and working in Austin, Texas. He has exhibited extensively throughout the region with numerous solo and group shows. He enjoys the finer things in life. Things like fresh cut mangoes and dirty rap lyrics.

Raw Paw Press will be releasing a limited edition zine of the same name to accompany this exhibition.

*Brews provided by Karbach Brewing Co.