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Bat City presents: Adam Edelman, Darri Farr, Blake Lee Pate

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Event location: Cherrywood Coffeehouse

From the event's Facebook page:

Don't miss the last Bat City reading of the year!

Adam Edelman is a first-year poet in the New Writers Project and will be the associate poetry editor for Bat City Review next fall. 

Darri Farr is from Philadelphia and is pursuing an MFA in fiction at the Michener Center.

Blake Lee Pate is a poet from New Orleans living in Austin. She is the Editor of Smoking Glue Gun and received her MFA from the New Writers Project. In the past she served as Marketing Director of Bat City Review and Editor of delta journal. Her poems can be found in Glittermob, H_NGM_N, Forklift, Ohio,Black Warrior Review, New Delta Review, and elsewhere.