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Austin Poetry Slam 20th Anniversary Celebration

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From the event's Facebook page:

Please join us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Austin Poetry Slam. Festivities kick off at the weekly Slam on May 12, hosted by Christopher Michael with featured poet Seth Walker, and continue through the week. 

Check out these amazing lineups:

Thursday, May 14
Mr. Catfish
1144 Airport Blvd 
8:30 pm - 11 pm
Hosted by Love Robinson 
Featuring performances by: Jomar Valentin, Tova Charles, Zai, Christopher Michael, Brian Francis, Allen Small, Doc, Ebony Stewart, Ed Koch, Eric B, Kayla Q, Danny Strack, Glori B, Jacob Dodson, Teresa Johnson, Margaret Ruth Olson, and Victoria Murray.

Friday May 15 & Saturday May 16
Spider House Ballroom
2908 Fruth Street 
Tickets are $6 per show, or $10 for both shows on either night. Afterparties are free. Each set features an all-star lineup of Austin Slam performers, plus a slew of surprises including video footage, slam history sessions, and more.

Friday, May 15 
7 pm - 9 pm
Hosted by Mike Henry 
Featuring performances by Wammo, Genevieve Van Cleve, Phil West, Hilary Thomas, Diane Fleming, Vicky Charleston, Peter Nevland, David Hendler, Tommy Mendez, and Susan B. Anthony Somers-Willett

Friday, May 15
10 pm - midnight
Hosted by Mike Henry 
Featuring performances by Matthew John Conley, Da'Shade Moonbeam, Ernie Cline, Jeff Knight, Tonie Knight, Desiree Hooper, Aaron Sanders, Ron Horne, Lacey Roop, Minister Sin, Christopher Lee, and Danny Strack

Afterparty features a HAIKU DEATH MATCH hosted by Danny Strack, pitting a legendary lineup of APS poetic warriors against each other in an epic 5-7-5 throwdown. Competitors include Matthew John Conley, Christopher Michael, Tony Jackson, Good Ghost Bill, Jacob Dodson, Glori B, Chris Formey, and Joshua Nguyen. 

Saturday, May 16
7 pm - 9 pm
Hosted by Tony Jackson and Andy Buck 
Featuring performances by: Krissi Reeves, Zell Miller III, Christopher Michael, Faylita Hicks, Mike Whalen, Suzy LaFollette, Seth Walker, Love Robinson, Sara Sutterfield Winn, and Karyna McGlynn

Saturday, May 16
10 pm - midnight 
Hosted by Danny Strack 
Featuring performances by: Kevin Burke, Tova Charles, Ebony Stewart, Jacob Dodson, Good Ghost Bill, Amir Safi, Keith Ruckus, Zai, Glori B, Jomar Valentin, and more.

Afterparty featuring Austin Slam DJ duo Metranohm and Digg.

Sunday, May 17
The APS Sunday Show 
Spider House back porch stage
2908 Fruth Street 
Finish up the weekend by helping APS kick off a brand new open mic series.

Watch this space for more info and we'll see you at the shows.