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One Page Salon presents: Jeffrey Mays, Becka Oliver, Peter McCrady, Oscar Rodriguez, Gwyn Egerton & Mary Helen Specht

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From the event's Facebook page:

It's time for the May One Page Salon! Join the superly inclined Jeffrey Mays (The Former Hero), Becka Oliver (Writers League of Texas), Peter McCrady (The Austin Review), Oscar Rodriguez, the wandering Gwyn Egerton and the always amazing Mary Helen Specht!

Each will share one page of a work in progress on the stage at the hot tub of style and passion we call the Whip In. 

One Page Salon is a monthly gathering of writers and creators sharing ONE PAGE of a work-in-progress. The rest of the time will be a chance to chat, sip, and grope one another in the fabulous Whip In. Quick readings, slow drinking - a hell of a good night.