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Malvern Books presents: Read Out for Banned Books

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From Malvern's website:

The Freedom to Read Foundation’s Read Out for Banned Books
WHEN: September 27, 2015 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
COST: Free

Join us in celebrating Banned Books Week with The Freedom to Read Foundation!

Banned Books

This event will feature a “read out,” with special guests, including Tish Hinojosa and Mark Smith (Director of the Texas State Library and Archives), reading from their favorite banned books. Audience members are also welcome to read. Attendance is free, but donations to The Freedom to Read Foundation will be gratefully accepted.

The Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) is a non-profit legal and educational organization that was founded in 1969 to protect and defend the First Amendment to the Constitution and support the right of libraries to collect—and individuals to access—information. The Foundation is devoted to the principle that the solution to offensive speech is more speech, and the suppression of speech on the grounds that it gives offense to some infringes on the rights of all to a free, open and robust marketplace of ideas.