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BookPeople presents: Red Wessenich

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RED WASSENICH - Keeping Austin Weird

Saturday, July 9 at 3PM

speaking & signing
Keeping Austin Weird: A Guide to the (Still) Odd Side of Town


Take a whimsical photographic tour of the people, places, and events in Austin that collectively make it one of the weirdest cities in America. City native Red Wassenich is tour guide to the odder side of town, which has grown enormously in size and reputation in recent years. Marvel at the Cathedral of Junk, a three-story, 60-ton behemoth made of flotsam and jetsam. Join the fun at Eeyore’s Birthday Bash, a day-long bacchanalia celebrating the beloved fictional character. Meet Dr. Dumpster, who lived in a tricked-out trash bin for over a year. Visit the Museum of the Weird in the city’s “Dirty Sixth” neighborhood. While locals fret endlessly over the forces of normalcy and consumerism that threaten its quirky existence, the town’s still-unconventional underbelly is revealed in this book. So whether you’re into art, food, politics, music, or sports with a flair for the strange, Austin has just the place for you.


Red Wassenich coined the phrase “Keep Austin Weird” in 2000. He was born in Austin and has been a librarian at Austin Community College since 1984. While now living a seemingly normal life, his past shows the roots of weirdness. He and Paul Spragens and others broadcast on Mexican radio border-blaster station XEG the “Brother Heumann Hour,” a parody evangelist from the Church of the Coincidental Metaphor. Also with Spragens, he watched TV for a week from sign on to sign off (back when there used to be such a thing). He played a cadaver in the movie The Hunger with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve. He is now happily married to Karen Pavelka.

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Event date: 
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 3:00pm
Event address: 
603 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78703