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Malvern Books presents: Malvern Karaoke Mondays

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From Malvern's website:

Malvern Karaoke Mondays

WHEN: August 1, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
COST: Free

Malvern Karaoke Mondays
It’s poetry karaoke time! Held on the first Monday of each month, Malvern Karaoke Mondays is a fun FREE event featuring adventurous verses, snack surprises, and a monthly haiku competition.

Karaoke Mondays

Here’s how poetry karaoke works: you roll a 20-sided lettered die and select a poem by a poet whose last name starts with the letter the die landed on—and then you read this poem aloud for everyone to enjoy. (Poems can be chosen from a book on our shelves, or from one of the anthologies we’ll provide.) Everyone is welcome to take part, but please note that participants can’t read their own poetry—poetry karaoke is all about introducing people to the poems and poets that have inspired you.

And if you fancy yourself as a haiku whiz, you should enter our monthly haiku contest, judged by our curmudgeon-in-chief, Dr. Joe (and/or a guest judge of his choosing). For this month’s contest you’ll need to provide the first and third lines that best accompany this second line:

rats live on no evil star

COMPETITION CONDITIONS: Haiku must be submitted to by midnight on Saturday, July 30th. We’ll announce the winner at the event on Monday. Prize = $10 Malvern Gift Card (which must be picked up in-store) and you’ll be listed in our BOOK OF HAIKU WINNERS. All decisions final. No crying!